Are you a combinatorics student? Come to SSC2022!

Are you a student in graph theory, design theory, finite geometry, or any other area of combinatorics? Do you use combinatorics in your research? If yes, we invite you to attend the Student Symposium in Combinatorics 2022. This online symposium is for students by students and is part of a collection of student symposia supported by MATRIX. SSC is a welcoming and friendly space for students of all stages (PhD, Masters, Honours, Undergraduate etc.) to discuss everything and anything related to combinatorics.

We have a great lineup of invited student speakers from around the world, including:  

  • Peter Bradshaw (Simon Fraser University)
  • Colin Defant (Princeton University)
  • Eva-Maria Hainzl (TU Wien) 
  • Sam Mattheus (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) 
  • Tobin South (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 
  • Joshua Stevenson (University of Tasmania) 
  • Fransisca Susan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 
  • Jane Tan (University of Oxford) 
  • Corrine Yap (Rutgers University) 
  • Jack Allsop (Monash University)  
  • Aditya Ganguly (UNSW Sydney). 

There is an opportunity to give a contributed talk on your research in either a standard time slot or a shorter slot (if you are earlier on in your studies) with plenty of support provided if it is your first time giving a research talk. The symposium will also include panel discussions and social gatherings. 

Registration is free and open now. For more information, head over to our website.  

Hope to see you there! 

SSC organising committee 


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