Get involved in student clubs!

Being involved with student clubs as an undergraduate (the UWA Mathematics Union in my case) was one of the highlights of my university experience. It’s a great opportunity to meet new friends, secure yourself an internship, or hear about some interesting maths outside what you learn in lectures.

This is the perfect time of year to get involved with your university maths club – here are some you might be interested in!

University of Adelaide

The Adelaide University Mathematics Society, or AUMS for short, is the best club in Adelaide! We have industry nights where members get a chance to network with industry leaders, meet and greets, quiz nights, our maths ball, student talks, a pub crawl, games nights and much, much more. Most importantly though, we have created our own maths loving family at the University of Adelaide, a place where we can get advice from older students, make new friends and have a whole lot of fun!

The University of Queensland

The Mathematics Students Society at UQ connects students with their love of mathematics. Whether it’s pure or applied, we come together for wine and cheese or a game of lawn bowls. Academically, we support our members through maths talks where participants can speak about any area of mathematics that interests them, both stimulating discussions and enriching us in mathematics outside of our degrees. Nothing brings people together more than healthy competition, so we run integration bees and tradeathons. On top of this, our industry events provide opportunities to learn where a mathematics degree can lead and to meet potential employers face-to-face. Overall, UQMSS is a supportive community who stick together throughout our times at university.

The University of Melbourne

Melbourne University Mathematics and Statistics Society (MUMS) is a student-run club affiliated with the University of Melbourne Student Union. We strive to bring together students with an interest in maths and stats in a supportive and fun environment.

MUMS holds a wide variety of educational and social activities for our members – ranging from maths competitions and seminars to games nights and movie nights. We will also be continuing the time-honoured traditions of the Puzzlehunt, Paradox magazine and trivia nights in 2022, while hosting regular catch ups and career events to support underrepresented maths students.

To join our events and receive updates on club and industry news, you can sign up to become a MUMS member here. Find us also on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and join our member community on Discord. To find out even more about MUMS, visit our website or contact us at

Here are some other mathematics student clubs you might be interested in:

UWA – UWA Mathematics Union

UNSW – UNSW Mathematics Society

ANU – ANU Mathematics Society

University of Sydney – Sydney University Maths Society

Let me know if I’ve missed any student clubs in the comments!

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