My wife (and it seems every person I’m friends with on Facebook) recently got me on to Wordle.

It’s a one-word-problem-a-day-website which is perfect for me and my wife as chasing down small children is a real sucker on ones time.

It’s pretty simple – all you need to do is find the secret five letter word. As you make guesses you are given colour-coded feedback on each letter.

After completing one the other day, I took a screenshot:

My first guess was RAISE and the software gave me the feedback that the letters R, A and S were used in the word but in the incorrect spot.

My next guess was SHARP which was very close – the feedback here was that S, H, A and R were all in the right spot and that the last letter needed changing. From here on, it wasn’t too bad.

Anyway, you have six guesses in total to try and solve the word.

Usually, a good thing can be made gooder better by putting maths in it. That’s exactly what has been done with Nerdle, which is the numbers equivalent of Wordle. The idea is to write down a valid equation.

Here is my effort from today:

Anyway, I actually like Wordle more, but I guess I can make room in my life for both (sorry kids!).

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